Silver Lining of Hope Takes to The Streets of Atlanta

Silver Lining of Hope is determined to stop the violence in communities all over the nation and someday God willing all over the world. This August we took to the streets of Atlanta, GA in hopes of uniting and supporting communities where violence has ripped families apart, taken the lives of our youth, and destroyed our communities.


We are so happy with our team and the amount of support we received from locals and their officials. We enjoyed every part of our trip and we honestly can’t wait to go back. We want to thank everyone who joined us and was apart of making our trip such a success. Getting awareness for what we are trying to accomplish is no easy task and we appreciate every single person who helps us to get that much closer to making our world a better place for our children.


The work we do is far from over and we won’t stop until our streets are safe. There is still much to be done, and we encourage everyone to be apart of the solution with us. We are fighting hard to stop the violence within our communities and there is strength in numbers. If you are interested in joining us and being apart of the solution, please reach out to us here. We’re looking for volunteers, donations, and anything else that can help us achieve our goals. Say yes to hope!

IMG_0850 (2)



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