About Silver Lining of Hope

Where it All Started

The Silver Lining of Hope Crusade is a nonprofit 501 © 3 Organization that was established by Rev. Dr. E. Winford Bell, Pastor of the Mt. Olive 2nd Missionary Baptist Church after his son was shot and injured during a drive-by shooting in March, 2009. Pastor Bell’s son was not a gang member, he was a gainfully employed; college student and active on the Usher Board at church. Like so many others, he was an innocent victim. Rev. Bell states that as a Pastor, he had buried a number of young people that were victims of violent crimes, however, when his son became a victim, he was mobilized and became committed to stopping the senseless killing or maiming of our
youth. Rev. Bell began to talk to other pastors in the community who also expressed that they too are also tired of the senseless violence and pledged their support.

What We Stand For

The symbol of the crusade is a black ribbon which represents that behind every black cloud of crime that plagues our communities and a silver ribbon in the middle which represents that behind every black cloud of crime is a silver lining of hope.

What Our Goal Is For the Future

To bring men and women of faith together to spiritually and intellectually respond to the violent crimes in our communities.