The 9th Annual Silver Lining of Hope Crusade, Inc., (SLOHC) Banquet Fundraiser was held at The Doubletree By Hilton, Los Angeles, Westside, Culver City, and was attended by over 200 pastors, first ladies, dignitaries and members/supporters of the SLOHC. Rev. E. Winford Bell, Founder, Executive Director, Rev. Terry Wilson, 1st Vice President and Ambassador Benjamin Island, Treasurer, all agreed that they were pleased not only with the attendance, but the wonderful spirit of awareness and confirmation that our mission: II Chronicles 7-14,  “ If My People which are called by My Name shall humble themselves and pray and seek, My Face and turn from Their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive Their sin and will heal Their land” continued to be relevant.

Highlights of the event included a video which showed why

SLOHC was established, the shooting of Isaiah Bell and the sound of the 9 shots fired at him and his friend sitting in a parked car, was chilling.

Sliver Lining201800000131Banquet

Also, moving testimonies from three young ladies whose father and uncle were murdered 51 days apart, and how they were going to use the scholarship monies they received from SLOHC to further their education.  One said the killing of her father and the lack of legal assistance motivated her to “become the best lawyer ever”. Their grandmother also spoke of the tragedy of losing two loved ones in a short period of time.

Sliver Lining201800000022Banquet

Ms. Lesley Ivy spoke on the Occasion and shared how her only son was murdered in front of her house.  Jocella Collins, MSW, invited everyone to her SLOHC Life Comforters Class .

Two of the honorees, Art Allen, VP Inglewood Park Cemetery, stated that he was moved by the young scholarship recipients testimonies and the plea for donations and why everyone who is able should donate from Rev. James Perkins, Pastor, True Friendship MBC and how the SLOHC continued to make changes in the community to stop violent crime.

Rev. Hurtt, Pastor, Mt. Sinai MBC also pledged his commitment to SLOHC and their work, and the three tables of his members from Mt. Sinai, echoed his commitment.  Honoree LaQuinta Howard, Inglewood Cemetery/Mortuary was not present to accept her award.


Senator Diane Watson attended the event and the keynote

Speaker was Assemblyman Mike Gipson who provided a  strong message which included commending Silver Lining of Hope Crusade, Inc. for their nine (9) years of steadfast perseverance, despite attempts to unravel the organization.  He spoke of his personal empathy for victims of violent crimes and how he had lost a loved one due to a hit and run accident. Assemblyman Gipson also presented a scroll to the outgoing Executive Secretary, Carolyn S. Clark.

The evening closed with a commitment from Rev. Bell to continue to work with Pastors and others and to seek corporate sponsors so that SLOHC can reach more young people impacted by gun violence in their communities.



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